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As an experienced DUII attorney in Portland, my goal is to advise my client of all options and the potential consequences of each option so that he or she can make smart and rational, but not emotional, decisions about how to handle this criminal charge. With the law, evidence, and consequences you face ever-changing, decisions on how to proceed are even more difficult to make. This is why you need an experienced criminal defense attorney who knows the jurisdiction in which you have been charged whether that is in Portland, or another town in Oregon like Lake Oswego, Tigard, Beaverton, Milwaukee, Gresham, Beavercreek, Newburg, Tualatin, Scappoose, St. Helens, Oregon City, Cedar Hills, Hood River, The Dalles or anywhere in between … from Hood to Coast.

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The same is true with DUII’s in Washington where there is a whole separate, distinct, and different set of rules for Vancouver and other areas in Washington like Battleground, Ridgefield, or Longview.

Regardless of your location, as an experienced criminal defense attorney, Douglas Green can help you make these tough decisions. Douglas Green, as your experienced criminal defense attorney, can help you navigate through the criminal justice system making your chances of success much greater because, after weighing all factors surrounding the criminal charge, we together decide the best course of action and pursue it to the best of our collective abilities. I can help you put together an understandable, aggressive defense in which you can believe and feel confident.

With all DUII cases, there is a critical relationship between administrative hearings (the DMV Implied Consent hearing), the court case (the defense at trial), and coordination of potential suspensions. Each is an important aspect of any quality defense that an experienced criminal defense attorney should bring you as the client. Douglas Green will explain to you how these fit together to give you the best chance of retaining your license and succeeding in your defense whether that is winning at trial, entering diversion, or settling your case.

Douglas Green will try your cases

Oregon is a state that says, “No plea bargaining on DUII charges.” Douglas Green, your experienced criminal defense attorney, has a similar policy and will try your case. Experience shows me that many times a jury trial is the best and only meaningful way to challenge the charges against you. Experienced criminal defense attorneys go to court, and from the first day, will treat your case as if it is going to trial.

Douglas Green will be well prepared and provide you with the strongest defense possible

The best way to handle any criminal allegations, especially a DUII or other traffic crime like hit and run, reckless driving, driving while suspended, or careless driving is to prepare an intelligent and clear defense that can be presented honestly. I believe each case must have a cogent defense theory of the case which gets presented to juries in the form of rational reasons why they should find our clients not guilty even if breath tests, police testimony and other evidence seems to point them in the other direction. Criminal defense attorneys not experienced with these particular kinds of charges will have more difficulty preparing and presenting such a defense.

Over time, the seriousness of DUII and other alcohol-related charges grows, along with juror impatience for these types of charges. However, an experienced and quality criminal defense attorney can properly select a jury that will remain open-minded to a rational defense theory and will follow the law. Douglas Green has experienced this over his twelve years of criminal defense practice.

Douglas Green will help clients navigate the criminal justice system

DUII law, consequences and defense are extremely complicated. These days, the criminal justice system more and more has become a maze of negative consequences and it demands that clients find their way through this maze on the system’s terms. In short, the post-conviction terms from probation or other monitoring are non-negotiable once someone is convicted. Legislation favoring victim’s rights and increasing sentencing conditions, driver’s license suspensions or revocations which can be life-long in some instances, clients can find simply surviving the process is a trying and extremely stressful ordeal. I believe in making that process as easy as possible with as little stress as possible by preparing my clients for each step along the way. Do not hesitate to contact Douglas Green, your experienced DUII and criminal defense attorney for a free consultation should you face any of these situations.