Now, more than ever, quality and qualified felony lawyer in Portland is of the utmost importance. With the adoption of the felony sentencing guidelines in Oregon and Washington, prosecutors have taken the power of discretionary sentencing away from the judges by how they charge defendants. Since sentences, especially for lower level felonies or for those with limited or no criminal history, are defined by the guidelines, prosecutors will charge a defendant with more crimes or make their charging decisions to gain as much leverage over a defendant as possible. This makes negotiating appropriate resolutions more difficult and means hiring an experienced criminal defense attorney even more important.

In addition, good people charged with crimes must have qualified and experienced representation. Criminal defense attorneys must be willing and able to try cases and have a reputation for doing the same otherwise the prosecutors can keep that leverage they try to obtain during the charging phase. If the prosecutor stretches themselves too thin in their charging decision, clients need a criminal defense attorney willing and able to push back by preparing a coherent and effective defense that negates the leverage a prosecutor may gain by over-charging.

In short, if you are facing felony charges, choosing an experienced and aggressive criminal defense attorney may be the most important decision you can make. An experienced criminal lawyer can walk you through the complicated ins and outs of the criminal justice system so that when it comes time to make the ultimate decisions like trial or plea, you are informed and can make the best decision for your particular situation. This is paramount because that decision is going to affect your life for the foreseeable future, and possibly, even longer – especially if it is the wrong one. Let Douglas Green’s experience, reputation, and preparation help you through this important, difficult, and stressful process by putting you at ease and clearing up questions and concerns.

Douglas Green offers free consultations on all criminal matters

I worked for Metropolitan Public Defenders, Inc. – the state’s largest indigent defense contractor, for years starting in the misdemeanor section and working his way up to major felonies. I handled every kind of case from minor misdemeanor charges all the way up to the most serious, including Measure 11, rape, robbery, and sex abuse charges of all kinds.

Since I left that office, I continued my criminal defense practice and gained even more experience not only in Multnomah County including the Portland Metro area but all over Oregon, primarily in the tri-county area, and Washington, in and around Vancouver and Clark County. If you need a qualified criminal defense attorney, Douglas Green can help.

These days, the legislature, in response to people calling for harsher and harsher penalties for criminal convictions, have created more complicated and significant penalties for all kinds of crimes. Now, new measures like Oregon’s Measure 57, put those with any kind of criminal history facing felony drug and property charges at grave risk for serving extended prison sentences for even low-level drug or property offenses. These measures keep taking more and more discretion away from judges making the job of the experienced criminal defense attorney even more important. You are going to need a qualified, experienced, and aggressive criminal defense attorney to prepare the best defense for you case.

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