An experienced misdemeanor lawyer in Portland will handle all cases with zealous advocacy and effort. In most jurisdictions, misdemeanors are crimes for which you cannot be sentenced to more than a year jail. For many, facing any jail time is a very serious issue and misdemeanor charges should carry the same importance, attention, and preparation from your attorney as any other charge.

Douglas Green handles all kinds of misdemeanors in Portland, Oregon and Vancouver, Washington

Misdemeanor charges still carry serious consequences that can have long-standing affects on your life even if the potential sentences may appear less severe. Felony charges are often ruled by a state’s adoption of the felony sentencing guidelines. What many people don’t know is that those guidelines can often require a judge to hand down a lighter sentence than what some people may get at a misdemeanor sentencing where the judge has more discretion. Obviously, each case is different and the above-scenario can completely change depending on someone’s prior criminal history or other extenuating factors. But, the important point is that if you are facing misdemeanor charges – especially if you are charged with multiple offenses – you need quality, experienced, and aggressive representation from a criminal defense attorney whether you are in Oregon or Washington.

Douglas Green has experience practicing criminal defense in Oregon and Washington

After four years working for the largest public defense provider in Portland and the entire state of Oregon, I handled and tried all kinds of misdemeanor cases. Whether you are charged with DUII, prostitution, domestic violence, assault, harassment, or theft, I have experience in all these areas. Each kind of case requires particular defense preparation, and knowing what theories may resonate with potential jurors gives me a huge advantage over less experienced criminal defense attorneys. At the same time, each kind of case carries particular legal issues, and knowing what those issues are for each charge gives me a plan for advocating for the best possible resolution of your case. This means that Douglas Green has plans for handling your case before you have even retained him.

Douglas Green obtains quality results for his clients

Every case is different. There is no way to predict or guarantee an outcome for any case ahead of time. If an attorney is guaranteeing you a particular result, you should be very careful about retaining them. With that said, certain cases present particular opportunities for clients and the resolution of their cases. Recently, I was able to get a client’s case dismissed by a civil compromise. That statute allows an experienced criminal defense attorney to present to the court a deal made between the client and an alleged victim which, when compensated to the court’s satisfaction, allows the court to dismiss the charge against the client. There are not many better resolutions to a criminal charge than a dismissal. It allows a person to preserve their clean criminal history if they have one and nothing could be more important for success in today’s society. Not every case is right or even eligible for this procedure but only an experienced criminal defense attorney will see this opportunity early enough in the process to put us in the best position for a successful outcome.

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After spending years moving his way up in the largest office of indigent criminal defense in Portland, Oregon, Douglas Green has gone on to handle misdemeanor and all other kinds criminal defense cases all over Oregon and Washington. Though most of his work has concentrated in the Portland metropolitan area, he has appeared as far north as Centralia, as far east as Goldendale, as far west as Vernonia and St. Helens, and all areas in between. Having these varied experiences means Douglas Green is comfortable appearing and knows the particular processes to counties all over Oregon and Washington. While most of the laws under which people are charged with crimes are state laws, each county has its own ways of doing things which an experienced criminal defense attorney understands and knows the importance of knowing these quirks before even showing up for court.

In the same way, Douglas Green’s twelve years of experience means that he has handled almost every kind of case. I have a plan going into your case that allows me to be ahead of the game right from the beginning. From the free consultation to the moment you retain Douglas Green as your criminal defense attorney in Oregon or Washington, you are in good and experienced hands. This experience can help you and your criminal defense case from the beginning right through jury trial if it is warranted. If not, that experience will also help Douglas Green negotiate the best possible resolution of your case.

The best possible resolution is different for every person which is why Douglas Green understands that communication with his clients is of the utmost importance. I cannot help get the possible resolution of your case if I don’t understand what is most important to you. My clients are involved in every step of the process. My office will keep in touch with you so you know exactly what is going on with your case and are prepared and informed to make the best decisions throughout the process. This, I believe, reduces client’s stress so that good, rational decisions are made since the outcome of any particular case can have long-standing effects on the rest of your life. Do not hire a criminal defense attorney you have reservations about especially if those reservations are about that attorney’s experience or qualifications. Do not hire attorneys who are not experienced in the field. Call Douglas Green for a free consultation to find out if he’s the right criminal defense attorney for your case whether in Oregon or Washington.