Trucking accidents are some of the most dangerous. If you or a loved one have been injured in an accident, you will need an experienced trucking accident attorney.

Trucks seem similar to cars but they are not. Commercial trucks and commercial trucking have their own rules, regulations and ways that they operate. And, commercial truck insurance policies and the companies that issue them have their own ways they operate, handle, and evaluate claims. Often, when commercial truck accidents happen, there are multiple insurance companies involved. This takes extra special care from an experienced truck attorney. Oregon and Washington also have different rules and regulations so make sure you hire an attorney that understands the special rules and what to do when handling a truck accident injury claim.

The most common truck accident claims involve the shorter, more local trucking routes either in or around Portland, Oregon or Vancouver, Washington, the I-5 corridor, or over one of the passes between the cities and the more rural areas. If you have been injured in a truck accident in the surrounding towns or neighborhoods like Lake Oswego, Sherwood, Hillsboro, Milwaukee, Gladstone, Beaverton or Tigard, you are probably going to have to deal with an out-of-town corporate defendant. An experienced truck accident attorney can help – call Douglas Green for a free consultation.

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