Douglas Green is an accident attorney in Portland handled playground cases for those who were injured but, more importantly, he used to handle the cases for the companies that own and insure these places. He defended cases for carnivals, amusement parks, gyms and the companies that insure them. He knows how they evaluate their claims. He knows what the insurance company will do to avoid paying your claim or paying you as little as possible.

People get injured at playgrounds. Whether you are an adult, child, or parent, playgrounds can be dangerous – especially when they are not properly maintained by those in control.

Would you want your child playing at a playground that hasn’t met the basic safety guidelines, rules, or regulations for the areas at which they invite them to play? Most people do not know there are some very specific safety guidelines for playgrounds especially if they are privately-owned and you had to pay to get in and use their facilities.

Playground accidents are premises liability claims where the owner or people in charge of the area may be liable for injuries that occur there. Playground accidents and other premises liability claims can be extra-complicated. It takes special skill to explain to a jury why the landowner is at-fault for the broken bones that occur on their property. Further, many playground injuries involve expensive medical costs and surgeries. An experienced playground accident attorney can help with how to handle the case to get you or your loved one the compensation they deserve, especially for medical and other out-of-pocket expenses, lost wages, or pain and suffering.

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