May 19

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What Should I do after I am involved in an Accident?

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As a Portland accident attorney I deal with people every year who have suffered injuries at the hands of negligent parties. Accidents can happen anywhere. Automobile, truck, motorcycle, bicycle, and pedestrian accidents happen on the roads. People slip, trip, and fall, injuring themselves at movie theaters, grocery stores, and various other venues. People get bitten by dogs whose owners aren’t taking proper care to control their canines. As a Portland injury attorney I represent victims who have been injured in all sorts of accidents. I used to work on the other side, defending insurance companies, so I know how these organizations work. I have seen many accident victims make valid claims that fail because they do not take the proper steps to record and preserve evidence of their accident. Below are three things that everyone who has been involved in an accident should do. Following these steps will help strengthen your insurance claim and will make your Portland accident lawyer’s job easier if you end up deciding to hire an attorney.

  1. Record Names: It is vital that you write down the name or names of the other people involved in the accident as well as any relevant insurance information. You should also write down the names and phone numbers of any people who saw the accident. You never know who you may have to call in as a witness if the issue goes to court.
  2. Take Pictures: You should take pictures of any property damage, injuries to yourself, and of the scene of the accident.
  3. Seek Medical Treatment: Some people have a tough mentality and think that they can handle injuries on their own. But if your condition gets worse and you have not been to a doctor there is no way to estimate your medical damages related to the accident. Seek medical treatment after your accident and save any documentation you get from the doctor’s office including receipts for medical services.

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