Mar 18

Portland Accident Attorney


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I happened upon this news story today about a snowplow driving on the wrong side of the road in a Northern Virgina suburb of Washington, DC.

While the story itself is somewhat amusing because no one was injured, a gentleman who narrowly escaped a head-on collision was smart enough to get the driver on film and report him to the proper authorities. In fact, you can see on the video that a car going the right way down the street has to stop and figure out what to do to avoid the snowplow. That may be easy in many cases but not on a snowy rural street! If someone had been injured, they would certainly need the services of a qualified and experienced accident attorney. And, any smart accident attorney would quickly contact this filmmaker to get the details.

You can see the story here if you’re interested. This brings up an interesting point about being an accident attorney in Portland and its surrounding metropolitan area and neighborhoods. If you have been injured, your attorney should investigate the case as much as possible early in the representation – a good Portland accident attorney knows how to obtain all kinds of helpful information to properly investigate the collision that caused your injuries to set-up your case to succeed early on.

If you do find the need to hire a Portland accident attorney, make sure they have experience in the field. You do not want an attorney learning on the job with your claim. Sometimes, for many accident cases, there will be plenty of experienced Portland accident attorneys who can help – say, for a standard motor vehicle collision case. But, some cases are more difficult and require particular expertise. If your case does, please do your homework in and around Portland to find a qualified, experienced, and well-respected attorney to take your case.

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