After failing to perform the duties of a driver, I was charged and slapped with potential jail time, a class A misdemeanor, and an extravagant fine. I was scared and extremely upset, as this was the first time I’ve ever had a run-in with the law. My friend who recently graduated law school recommended Doug as strong and highly competent criminal defense attorney. After our first meeting, I felt I could trust him with my case, and boy am I glad I did. He was extremely helpful in calming my anxiety by explaining things in layman’s terms. He let me know my rights and the possible outcomes of the situation, which thoroughly alleviated my stress. I would highly recommend Doug to anyone who wants a down to earth, reliable person to represent you & fight for your case.


My first time needing an attorney. I retained Mr Green to be my attorney because he puts me at ease with the situation I had going on in my life. Wow! I am ever so glad to have Mr Green representing me. Mr Green always promptly respond to my telephone calls, emails. He is professional, intelligent and knows his stuff. I personally appreciate the way he explains things to me. I just want to say thank you, Mr Green. If you’re looking for an attorney, I highly recommend Mr Green.

Henry Y.

Doug has helped me receive all monies rightfully due to me from intransigent insurance companies. He is thorough, he explained all options and then helped me to find the best course of action. To put it in a nutshell, Doug got me paid.

Tom Mc.

I had spent a year (and some) of my life dealing with my homeowners insurance company over a water loss claim. I had initially tried to handle my claim on my own, believing that my insurance company would be there for me, “I was paying for an insurance policy for this type of protection, so of course they will be there when we need them, right?” WRONG! I initially called a former attorney whom I had used during a family matter and was told “you probably will not need any legal representation for something like this”. Trusting this advice, it all went down hill from there until I was referred to Doug by a friend of mine who has worked in a law office for over 20 years. In my first meeting with Doug, he provided me with a huge amount of knowledge that I would have never known or been told from my insurance company. Doug is quiet and calm, he has a strong sense of peace about him which is very calming. Doug took the time to listen to my concerns and worries. He explained all of my different outcomes good and bad and allowed me the time and respect to make informed decisions regarding my case. Doug was very patient with me, explaining step by step what was happening and explaining it to me without all of the “legal terminology” so that I could understand it. Being on a very limited budget, I was not nickeled and dimed with tons of wasteful calls or emails which was a huge financial help as well as receiving help that he could have easily charged me for but did not. I am very grateful for all of the help and support I received from Doug and his firm and would highly recommend him for your legal matters.

Megan J.

Doug Green worked a miracle for me with a low speed fender bender that resulted in a citation that would have ended the career I have been working towards in college before it started and made me un-insurable to drive! Having been told that there was no way to get diversion for my citation and exhausting every option I had began to lose all hope of keeping this off my driving record. As a last resort my father spoke to me about the lawyer option which I had really hoped to avoid. My father knew Doug through a mutual acquaintance and referred me to him. We met and had a sit down to discuss my options and after that talk it still didn’t look good. Legally I didn’t have much of a case other than a shiny clean driving record. It took several months and much effort for both of us, but in the end Doug worked a miracle and got me a special deal that resulted in my driving recorded remaining untarnished. Doug is an amazing attorney and I would highly recommend him for any law related needs!

Geoff C.

When it became apparent that our daughter would suffer minor but long-term difficulties as a result of her auto accident, we hired Doug to help us get a settlement from insurance. He listened well, asked questions, made sure he thoroughly understood our case, and laid out our options regarding making a demand, going to arbitration, and so on. He was willing to communicate in whatever form was best for us, and meet wherever was best for us. From the start he explained that the wheels of justice turn slowly; while we found that to be true, we were also pleased that Doug kept us informed, explained what was happening step by step, and made a compelling argument to the insurance company resulting in a fair settlement that was worth the wait. We have already recommended Doug to one friend and won’t hesitate to recommend him again.

Deborah D.

I was initially hesitant to hire an attorney for my automobile accident thinking that I could settle the matter out of court. After attempting to negotiate a fair settlement it was apparent that this would not be possible. Doug put me at ease with the entire process and took the time to educate me each step of the way. Doug’s time lines were extremely accurate. He never over promised and definitely over delivered. He kept me in the loop and made this whole arduous legal process actually pain free! I would recommend Doug to anyone looking for solid legal advice.


Consultative, professional, and expert at what they do! My experience with Douglas Green was an absolute pleasure. Doug Green is an excellent attorney – he knows his way around the law and how to leverage it to best help his clients.

In all his dealings with me Doug was completely transparent, honest, and helped manage my expectations. Bottom line – he got me a great settlement!

I would strongly recommend Douglas Green to anyone considering representation for personal injury and criminal defense, along with employment, business and consumer law.

Will S.

I was quite happy with your service. I would highly recommend you to any of my friends. You were quite thorough with all my options and explained the plus’s and minus’s of each option. I really liked the ease of communication and document sharing your practice supplied.

Tom M.

Doug is a great lawyer: experienced, aggressive, responsive, and smart. He knows what he’s doing and will keep you informed throughout your entire case. He promptly returns calls and unlike many lawyers I know, provides excellent customer service. I highly recommend.

Dennis A.

Doug came highly recommended by other attorneys at a law firm that I worked with in the past to provide expert witness testimony. My son was cited in a minor rear end collision while returning from an overnight shift on an ambulance as part of his EMT training. Our insurance company and others we consulted advised us that the citation was overly severe and highly unusual in their experience. They advised getting an attorney. We were told that the citation would also have a very negative effect on my son’s insurability and on his ability to be hired as an EMT, a very likely waste of 2 years of training. We felt certain that when they heard the circumstances that the officer or municipal court would modify the citation, however it quickly became clear that without legal representation we would get no where. Doug advised us to do what we could on our own and when that did not work he stepped in to act on my son’s behalf. His effective representation and negotiations resulted in a satisfactory resolution of the matter with the court, without the overly severe consequences my son faced. We greatly appreciated Doug’s approach and knowledge. He was very pleasant to work with and we would not hesitate to recommend him to friends and family.


My good friends hooked up with Doug after they were pretty much giving up on a dispute in which they were taken advantage of. Doug turned it around and they got better results than they ever imagined. Doug is the best – a professional, knowledgeable and dedicated attorney!

Hannah C.