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Client injured in a motor vehicle accident in Portland, Oregon. He tore the labrum in his hip which required surgery.

The insurance company low-balled him when he tried to settle the case on his own. Client retained me as his personal injury lawyer. Shortly after I filed a complaint on his behalf, the insurance company offered him the $100,000 policy limits and the case settled.

The Charges:

Client injured in a motor vehicle accident in Portland, Oregon.

The Verdict:

The Injury: Torn hip labrum from motor vehicle accident. The Results: $100,000 policy limits settlement.

Client Testimonials:

My first time needing an accident attorney. I retained Mr Green to be my accident attorney because he puts me at ease with the situation I had going on in my life. Wow! I am ever so glad to have Mr Green representing me. Mr Green always promptly respond to my telephone calls, emails. He is professional, intelligent and knows his stuff. I personally appreciate the way he explains things to me. I just want to say thank you, Mr Green. If you’re looking for an accident attorney, I highly recommend Mr Green.
Henry Y. “CLIENT”

The Law Office of Douglas Green

According to the Oregon Department of Transportation, in 2012, there were 49,798 accidents in the state of Oregon alone. Over 36,000 people sustained injuries in these accidents and 336 people were killed. Car accidents can have a serious impact on victims and families. Individuals may require months to years of rehabilitation, may have to miss time at work, or may even face high medical expenses as a result of their injuries. Many accidents occur when drivers fail to obey speed limits, fail to follow the rules of the road, or choose to drink and drive. It can be devastating to suffer as a result of another person’s poor choices. Fortunately, Oregon offers important protections to car accident victims in these circumstances. An accident lawyer in Portland, Oregon can help you if you’ve been in an accident as a result of another person’s negligence or carelessness.

If you’ve been injured in a car accident, you have the right to seek accident compensation for your lost wages, medical expenses, and pain and suffering from negligent parties. You also have the right to seek a fair settlement from your insurance company. If your insurance isn’t covering your medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering, a Portland, Oregon accident lawyer may be able to assist you. The Law Office of Douglas Green works closely with families and car accident victims to ensure that their voices are heard and that justice is served. Our firm understands that this might be one of the most challenging and stressful times in your life. We offer the guidance, counsel, and compassion you need to move forward from your accident and heal.

Personal Injury Lawsuit in Portland, Oregon? What to Expect

If you’ve been injured in a car accident, you may not know what to expect. Many accident cases follow the following steps:

• Accident takes place
• Victim seeks medical treatment
• Car accident lawyer is contacted
• Lawyer reviews medical expenses, injury records, and insurance policies and calculates damages
• Lawyer sends demand letter to insurer or negligent parties
• If appropriate, your lawyer may attempt to settle outside of court
• If the case cannot be settled outside of court, your accident lawyer will file a lawsuit
• Discovery process begins
• Case goes to trial

Every accident case is unique, however, and while some cases follow this outline, other cases may require additional mediation or negotiation. Your responsibilities following a car accident include seeking adequate medical attention, gathering as much information about your accident as possible, and keeping detailed records of any medical, rehabilitative expenses, and lost wages due to missed time at work. Your injury lawyer will then do the work of making appropriate demands of insurers and negligent parties. Some cases can be settled without going to trial. Your Portland, Oregon accident lawyer will review your case and determine the appropriate amount of money to demand from insurers or negligent parties. In some instances, your accident lawyer will be able to get you the settlement you deserve without a trial. However, other cases will have to move forward with a trial. Whatever your requirements, the Law Office of Douglas Green will work with you every step of the way to ensure that you receive the best outcome allowable under the law.

What is My Car Accident Case Worth?

A car accident attorney can determine what your car accident case is worth. The value of your car accident claim will vary depending on a wide range of variables including:

• Cost of medical expenses
• Time missed at work
• Cost of rehabilitation
• Value of pain and suffering
• In some rare cases, punitive damages

Some estimates of the value of your case will be easier to make than others. For instance, your accident lawyer can review current medical expenses, lost wages, and rehabilitative costs and seek these amounts in damages. However, if you will continue to require medical care in the future, your accident lawyer may need to seek the advice of a doctor in order to make an estimate of the future costs of medical expenses. You have a right to seek future medical expenses as part of your damages. However, this estimate must be supported by medical evidence in order to stand in court. Estimating future lost wages involves an estimate of how long you may be out of work and how much money you could have been expected to earn. Pain and suffering calculations are often made taking your medical expenses as a base figure and then multiplying this figure by another number based on the severity of your injuries. The highest multiplier is usually five, though most claims will use a lower multiplier. The value of the multiplier will depend on the severity of your injuries. Life-long disabling injuries will get a higher multiplier than injuries for which a person is expected to recover. However, determining your pain and suffering damages requires an experienced accident attorney as the calculations described above are an oversimplification of what is really needed to calculate an appropriate settlement range for your case and damages. An experienced car accident lawyer can help you determine this and then fight for what you deserve as just compensation for your pain, suffering, and economic damages. Finally, in some instances, a person’s actions are so terrible and egregious that the court will award punitive damages meant to punish the negligent party for his or her actions. Not all cases are awarded punitive damages. If you want to learn more about the value of your car accident claim, contact an accident lawyer in Portland, Oregon today. The Law Office of Douglas Green can calculate the value of your damages and help you receive the justice you deserve. CALL US TODAY AT 503-935-5450.