Drug offenses are often considered victimless crimes and require a drug attorney in Portland. However, for those accused of drug possession, distribution, manufacture, or anything else, these are very serious matters with tons of unintended or unknown consequences. A drug conviction on your record can affect your entire life moving forward. This is the case whether you have a criminal history, history of drug abuse, or this is your first offense.

As a public defender, Douglas Green spent four years working on drug cases. He began his criminal defense career in the misdemeanor section handling any type of crimes as long as the client was not facing more than a year in jail for each charge. Not long after, Douglas Green, now an experienced criminal defense attorney, moved up into the minor felony unit.

Doug’s former employer considered any non-person felonies to be minor felonies. This means all the drug and property felonies were combined into one unit. Doug spent the majority of his four years at the public defender’s office in this unit handling drug and property offenses of all kinds.

Almost every drug case involves significant legal search and seizure issues that require in-depth legal analysis. Often the entire cases can hinge on legal issues that only an experienced criminal defense attorney can properly handle.

Besides the legal search and seizure issues, almost all drug offenses implicate the felony sentencing guidelines for Oregon or Washington. Again, these guidelines are full of legal issues and traps that the district attorney or prosecutor’s offices in your county can use against you. You need experienced legal help on your side.

If you think you may or have been charged with a drug offense in Portland, Lake Oswego, Tigard, Beaverton, Milwaukee, or southwest Washington including Vancouver and other towns or neighborhoods in Washington, do not hesitate to contact Douglas Green today for a free consultation.

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