In Oregon and Washington, riding motorcycles and bicycling are very popular activities partly because of the natural beauty that surrounds these areas. Being closer to nature while you are still transporting yourself is a wonderful feeling.

Further, Portland and Vancouver, Washington are two progressive cities that have become very bicycle and motorcycle friendly. However, not all the city drivers are as friendly.

And, as a bicyclist or motorcyclist you’re more vulnerable for three reasons. First, without the safety of a steel cage around you, you are much more likely to suffer a serious physical injury. Second, for whatever reason, other drivers do not take those riding on two wheels as seriously as other drivers. You’ve got to be extra diligent when riding your bicycle or motorcycle to avoid having bicycle or motorcycle accidents with possibly grave consequences.

Finally, some juries feel that bicyclist or motorcyclists have somehow “assumed the risk” of riding in town and do not deserve the same compensation for their injuries as drivers.

Should you get injured in a bicycle or motorcycle accident, you are going to need an experienced attorney to deal with these circumstances and help not only protect your rights, but show a jury that the rules of the road protect all its users whether they are injured in a bicycle accident in downtown Portland, Oregon or a motorcycle accident on a ride in a rural area of Southwest Washington outside Vancouver, or anywhere in between. In most cases, if you are injured or suffered damages, an experienced personal injury lawyer can help you navigate the complex world of insurance claims, adjusters, and coverage.

There are also special rules regarding how the insurance companies and the policies they sell deal with motorcycle accidents and bicycle accidents in Oregon and Washington. This is true whether it is evaluating a claim or making a determination about whether even to extend coverage to a victim of a bicycle accident or motorcycle accident.

Remember to get the driver’s information if you have been in an accident. Many times, especially when dealing with bicycle or motorcycle accidents, your adrenalin makes you believe you haven’t been injured only to find out later that you did suffer injuries in a collision. Or, you’re so thankful to be alive, you do not clearly think about who is at-fault or whether you need their information. Make sure to get the other driver’s information and call the police if necessary.

If you have been in an accident while riding a bike or a motorcycle, please call Douglas Green, an experienced Portland bike attorney. Douglas Green has also handled bicycle accident and motorcycle accident cases in Southwest Washington.

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